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The Utility Department operates under the direction of the Utility Director. The department provides the following services to the community: Natural Gas Distribution, Domestic Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, Operation of a Water Treatment Facility, Operation of three Sewage Treatment Lagoons, new construction gas plumbing inspections, and Environmental State Audits. The Utility Department office is located at City Hall on the first floor and operates Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., holidays excluded.  

Contact Information:

Henderson Utility Department
121 Crook Ave
P.O. Box 68
Henderson, TN  38340-0068
Phone (731) 989-3503
Fax (731) 983-5030


After hour emergency:

The Henderson Utility Department will respond to an emergency located within the service region. After hour emergencies are handled through the local police dispatcher who can be reached at 731-989-2201.


Natural Gas Distribution:

The Henderson Utility Department offers service to an extensive natural gas distribution region. Natural gas services are available north to the Pinson community, east to the State Hwy 22A area, south to the Bethel Springs community, west to the Deanburg community, and most areas located within this region.

To service large industrial and commercial customers, the Henderson Utility Department manages large high pressure trunk lines which extend into the City of Henderson Industrial Park and toward the east side of the City. These high volume lines are capable of providing industrial levels of natural gas supply and any combination of volumes and pressures ranging from 32 to 350 PSI.

Natural gas services are an inexpensive alternative to electric and propane heating, are available to any residential, commercial, or industrial building containing proper gas plumbing, and will provide an “always on” heat source when electric power is unavailable.

Whatever the application, the Henderson Utility Department staff will be happy to assist in developing gas usage needs and service.


Domestic Water Distribution:

The Henderson Utility Department operates a Water Treatment Facility which services the greater Henderson city area and west into the Deanburg community. The Water Treatment Facility is capable of generating more than two million gallons of treated water per day which is derived from five high volume water production wells. Additionally, the department actively stores 2 million gallons of treated water for water usage and operational pressure control. Further, the Henderson Utility Department utilizes a state of the art satellite Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system capable generating real time distribution data. Lastly, the Henderson Utility Department is busy deploying an automatic meter reading system. This system is capable of providing customers with real time water usage history as well as leak detection and system peak demand studies.


Water Collection (Sewage)

The Henderson Utility Department offers waste water (sewage) collection to the greater Henderson city area. The collection system is comprised of a combination of gravity collection lines and low pressure pumping station which ultimately transports sanitary waste to three waste treatment lagoons. These lagoons are large, multi- acre, sized facilities which utilize a “go green” natural biological process for treatment.

The Henderson Utility Department also manages several environmental management programs designed to allow industrial and commercial customers to discharge process waste streams. These programs are run under the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). The Henderson Utility Department can assist industrial and commercial customers in obtaining the required permits and establishing discharge levels suitable for most applications and industries. Contact the Utility Director for assistance and further information.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to establish service?

The Henderson Utility Department will require the following information, documents, and fees to establish service.

Residential service
A valid photo ID
Proof of ownership of the property (property owners)
A copy of a rent receipt or lease agreement (renters)
A completed utility agreement
Posting of deposit(s) (renters)
Paid service fees

Commercial /Industrial service
A valid photo ID
Proof of ownership of the property (property owners)
A copy of a rent receipt or lease agreement (renters)
A completed utility agreement
Posting of deposits
Paid service fees
A completed and approved waste discharge application

When is my utility bill due?

The Henderson Utility Department bills for the services used during the prior month. Customers are broken into two groups and the due date will depend on which group the property is placed in. For group one the due date is 1st of the month. For group two the due date is the 15th of the month. Please refer to the “due date” located on the bill to determine the correct date.

How much will I pay if my utility bill is paid after the due date?

Typically, a customer will be charged a 10% penalty for amounts not paid on the due date. Additional fees and deposits will be required if utility service is discontinued for nonpayment.

What should I do if I smell natural gas?

Turn off all open flames such as stoves and heating units.
Do not turn on electrical appliances or lights.
Leave the building and be sure all occupants leave with you.
Call the Henderson Utility Department immediately at 731-989-3503 or 731-989-2201 after hours.