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The city actively recruits industrial and commercial development. The city presently has two industrial/commercial parks, one of which has vacant retail, commercial and industrial sites and the other has vacant sites and industrial buildings for lease or purchase. The city may be willing to provide a site “free of charge” depending on jobs created and investment. The city has an Industrial Development Board that will assist in issuing tax exempt industrial bonds for all qualifying industries. The city and county also offers a reduced tax PILOT (payment in lieu of tax) program for industry depending on investment and jobs created. 

Contact Information:

Mayor Robert W. (Bobby) King
Phone (731) 983-5000
Fax (731) 983-5050

Henderson Retail Study conducted by The Shopping Center Group:

>>Chester County, TN Retail Overview Package

Henderson Industrial and Commercial Park:

The Henderson Industrial and Commercial Park contains several 5 to 30 acre sites that are suitable for development. The park is located on US Hwy 45 North, a four lane divided highway. The park is served by sufficient utilities to serve any need including twelve inch water mains, a million gallon elevated water tank, 4 inch high pressure natural gas main at 160 PSI pressure, eight and fifteen inch gravity sewer mains, fiber optic phone/internet service by both AT & T and Charter Communications.  Electricity provided by Southwest Tennessee Electric Corporation and is delivered to the site via a 13kV three-phase distribution system served by one of two substations, both within 2 miles of the park. Voltage can be provided to meet the needs of individual consumers. The park borders the West Tennessee Railroad to the rear.   


Vacant Industrial Buildings:

None at this time.