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The Public Works Department is under the direction of the Public Works Director. The department provides the following services to the community: Street Paving and Street Maintenance, Street Signs, Traffic Signal Maintenance, Sidewalk Construction, Garbage Collection, Leaf and Brush Collection, City Fleet Maintenance, City Park Maintenance, and Animal Control. The Public Works Director’s office is located at City Hall but a large part of the day the director is out on job sites. Please call in advance for an appointment.


Contact Information:

Carter Scales, Public Works Director
Henderson City Hall
121 Crook Ave
P.O. Box 68
Henderson, TN  38340-0068
Phone (731) 983-5010 (Direct)
Fax (731) 983-5050


Street Paving and Street Maintenance:

The public works department is in charge of all street paving and street repairs. Street Resurfacing is completed based on condition and traffic load of the street as well as the budget constraints of the city.  Street repaving projects are recommended by the public works director annually and are approved by the city board. Curb and Gutter installation is very expensive to complete and is done on a very limited basis.   Repairs are made on an as needed basis. The department is also responsible for the mowing of right of ways on local streets. Anyone needing repairs can call or email the above number.


Street Signs and Traffic Signal Maintenance:

The public works department is also tasked with installation and maintenance of traffic control signs, street name signs and traffic signals. 


Sidewalk Construction:

Under certain circumstances the city will install sidewalks as part of a street paving project or as part of a sidewalk grant project as the one completed in winter of 2008. Funding is limited for this use. Existing sidewalks that need maintenance can be reported to the public works director.


Garbage Collection:

The department provides household type garbage/refuse pickup to all residential structures and commercial establishments that can utilize a hand loading type system. Residential garbage is picked up once weekly at the curb. The cost for residential service is currently at $15.50 per month. Commercial pickup that can be loaded by hand can be scheduled for one to three days per week. Rates vary depending on the amount of refuse. Any commercial establishment that requires a dumpster type service can contact Waste Management at (731)423-2532 or Allied Waste at (901)794-3800 for this service. 

To ensure garbage pickup, please have your trash to the curbside by 7:00 AM.

All residential or commercial establishments that have an active utility account with the Henderson Utility Department will be billed for garbage pickup on their monthly bill. This fee is mandatory even if they do not utilize the city’s garbage service.

The city does not pickup or remove the following items: lumber, carpet, appliances, furniture, mattresses, computer equipment, paint or any hazardous chemicals. 

Holiday Garbage Schedule for 2017

The following is the Holiday Schedule for Garbage Pickup. Due to the city crews running multiple routes, make sure to have your trash to the street by 7:00 a.m. to ensure pickup.

>>Holiday Schedule for Garbage Pickup

Leaf and Brush Collection:

The public works department provides vacuum Loose Leaf and Loose Grass clipping pickup from approximately October 1st of each year until March 31st. Loose leaves and grass shall be placed in the edge of the yard but not in the street for removal. From April 1st to September 30th the city will pickup bagged leaves and bagged grass clippings. Leaves and grass clippings should never be mixed with household garbage. 

The city does not run any certain route for leaf and grass pickup so persons should call City Hall at (731)983-5000 or email leaves to ensure pickup. Be sure to include your name and street address and if you have bagged or loose leaves in your email.

The city provides Brush Collection service if the brush is cut by the homeowner or their immediate family.  This is accomplished by a knuckleboom type loader. Please place any brush next to the curb but not in the street for pickup.  The city does not provide pickup service for any resident or business that hires a professional tree trimmer to cut or trim trees. The professional tree trimmer needs to provide their client this service as the city will not remove the brush. 

The city does not run any certain route for brush pickup so persons should call City Hall at (731)983-5000 or email brush to ensure pickup. Be sure to include you name and street address and that you have brush in your email.


City Fleet Maintenance:

The city maintenance facility is under the supervision of the public works department. The maintenance facility personnel perform the maintenance of all city vehicles and equipment as well as some of the maintenance of city facilities. The facility currently employees two full time mechanics. 


City Park Maintenance:

The public works department staff performs all maintenance and mowing at the Gene Record Memorial Park located at 600 N. Church Ave. 


Animal Control:

The city operates a limited Animal Control Department under the supervision of the public works department. The service is only provided for residents located within the city limits. The city will pickup and care for stray dogs for a limited number of days and during that time the city attempts to find the owner or have the dog adopted. Animal control can not take any dog except from city residents. The department also utilizes humane traps to capture stray dogs that can not be caught otherwise. Stray or abandoned cats are not handled by the department. For more information or to report a stray or abandoned dog, contact City Hall at (731)983-5000.

Dog Pound Fee Schedule

Any owner wishing to redeem his/her dog from the pound shall pay a fee as follows:
Impoundment Fee $25.00
Vaccination Fee (If needed) $10.00 (will be adjusted if cost increases)
Fee for feed, care, etc. $5.00 per day (if not redeemed the same day as pickup)
Anyone wishing to adopt a dog from the pound shall pay a fee as follows:
Vaccination Fee (If needed) $10.00 (will be adjusted if cost increases)
Spay or Neuter Deposit $25.00 (refunded if spayed or neutered per state law)