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The Building and Zoning Department is under the direction of the Building Official. Many responsibilities fall under the control of the department including: enforcement of building and zoning regulations for both the city and the planning region, issues building permits, performs multiple inspections on all residential and commercial construction, performs inspections and takes actions concerning overgrown lawns and dilapidated buildings, attends and is the city staff liaison to the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals and enforcement of Municipal and Regional Subdivision Regulations. The Building and Zoning Department is located on the first floor of City Hall. Office hours are Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Contact Information:

Brent Beshires, Building and Zoning Official, Floodplain Manager, ADA Coordinator
Henderson City Hall
121 Crook Ave
P.O. Box 68
Henderson, TN  38340-0068
Phone (731) 983-5011 (Office)
Fax (731) 983-5050


Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I need a Building Permit?

Building Permits are required in the City of Henderson and in the Henderson Planning Region for any new construction, additions, renovations, major repairs and manufactured or modular buildings with a construction value of $2,000 or more.  Persons installing outbuildings or car covers that have a value less than $2,000 should contact the building official to ensure that the building is installed/constructed in an approved location. General Maintenance of existing buildings does not require a permit. Examples of this are painting, floor coverings, roof coverings, sidewalks, patios and minor repairs to plumbing, fixtures and repairs to mechanical or electrical fixtures or appliances. Such repairs shall not include the cutting away of any wall, structural beam, load bearing support or change any required means of egress (exits). 

How much do building permits cost?

Building permit fees are based on the value or cost of the improvement. 

Building Permit Fees List>>

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What is the Planning Region?

The planning region is an area outside the city limits of Henderson in which the city has been granted building and zoning authority. The building inspector issues permits and performs services in this area. See the attached map to determine if your project is within the Planning Region.

Planning Region Map>>

Who can get a Building Permit?

Residential (new construction, outbuildings and additions)

  1. The property owner can obtain a building permit for their private residence. The owner assumes all legal responsibilities for liability and workman’s compensation insurance. State law limits new home construction to one personal residence every two years.
  2. A workman can obtain a building permit for any job under $25,000. He must have workman’s compensation insurance or sign a waiver if worker’s compensation does not apply (example – no employees).
  3. A licensed contractor can be the general contractor on any project with a cost up to their monetary limit set by the state. He/she must show proof of Workman’s Compensation and a current state contractor’s license number for their business.

Commercial – Industrial

  1. A workman or owner can do work up to $25,000 provided they show proof of workman’s compensation insurance or sign a waiver.
  2. A licensed contractor can work on any job where cost does not exceed their monetary limit set by the state.  Must show proof of workman’s compensation and a current state contractor’s license number for their business.

What Building Codes are currently adopted by the City of Henderson?

2012 International Building Code
2012 International Plumbing Code
2012 International Mechanical Code
2012 International Property Maintenance Code
2012 International Fire Code and/or 2006 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
2012 International Fuel Gas Code
2009 International Residential Code (with local exceptions)
2009 International Energy Conversation Code
Any reference to Electrical or Accessibility Code shall use the current code adopted by the State of Tennessee.

What inspections are required?

Footing Inspection: This is done after footing has been formed and all steel is installed.

Foundation Wall Inspection (if needed): This is completed after foundation walls are formed and all steel is in place.

Flooring Inspection: This is done after floor framing is in place and before sub-flooring has been installed.

Rough-In Underground Plumbing: This done after the (under slab) plumbing has been installed but prior to it being covered.  Water must be pressurized to 60PSI, Sewer to 5 PSI or a 10 foot head test.

Gas Plumbing Rough-In (if needed for natural gas): This is to be completed by the Henderson Utility Department and should be completed as soon as possible after gas piping is complete but prior to concealment.  Call the Henderson Utility Department at (731)989-3503 more information or to schedule an inspection.

Framing Inspection: This in done after rough framing is in place but before any concealment of framing structure.

Insulation Inspection:
 This is done after all insulation has been installed but before concealment.

Sprinkler Hydro Test Inspection (if needed in commercial structures):
 Performed in conjunction with the Fire Department.

Gas Plumbing Final (if needed for natural gas):
 This is to be completed by the Henderson Utility Department and should be completed after all appliances have been installed with a pressure test on the gas line. Call the Henderson Utility Department at (731)989-3503 to schedule an inspection.

Final Inspection/Certificate of Occupancy:
 This is after all work has been completed but prior to occupancy of the building.  

Planning Commission:

The Henderson Planning Commission serves both as the city planning commission and the regional planning commission. They meet monthly on the first Wednesday night at 6:00 PM at Henderson City Hall in the second floor Classroom. All meetings are duly advertised in the “Chester County Independent” newspaper.  All meetings are open to the public. The purpose of the planning commission is to:

    1. To guide the development of the city and the planning region in accordance to the Land Development Plan considering the suitability of all land use.
    2. To guide in city/region policy to provide for adequate transportation, water, sewerage, schools, recreational areas and other public requirements and facilities.
    3. To draft and recommend zoning regulations that will improve the overall community.
    4. Draft and amend as needed, Subdivision Regulations to ensure reasonable standards of design and to ensure adequate public facilities are available to serve the development.
    5. Recommend areas for annexation into the city limits that need city services due to existing or future development.
Planning Commission Fees:  
Request for rezoning $  100.00
Subdivision Filing Fees:  
Simple 2 lot split $ 50.00
0 to 4 lots $ 100.00
5 to 25 lots $ 150.00
26 to 50 lots $ 250.00
51 to 100 lots $ 400.00
101 to 250 lots $ 500.00
251 to 500 lots $ 1,000.00
Over 500 lots $ Fee to be negotiated but
Not less than $ 1,200.00
The members of the Planning Commission are as follows:  
Craig Casey, Chairman  Emily Johnson, Secretary
Bill Moore    Bobby Moten
Bobby Ruth    Johny Farris
Mayor Robert W. (Bobby) King  

Board of Zoning Appeals:

The Board of Zoning Appeals is created as an appellate board to review: actions of the Building Inspector, regarding construction, floodplain, and zoning applications for uses permitted on appeal, and requests for variances. The Board of Zoning Appeals only meets when needed. All meetings along list of all items on the agenda for discussion are duly advertised in the “Chester County Independent” newspaper. All meetings are open to the public.

Board of Zoning Appeals Fees:  
Request for a Variance $  100.00
Request for a Use Permitted on an Appeal $  100.00

The members of the Board of Zoning Appeals are as follows:

Bill Moore, Chairman
Patti Pickler, Secretary
Charles Cavaness
Charles McNatt
John L. Welch